Top Airbnb Cottages in France


Top Airbnb Cottages in France

France is an exciting and one of the most happening places in the world. Although the cost of traveling to France might be a little too much, but undoubtedly it’s worth it. While most of the people like to live in the lavish arms of expensive restaurant which have bell boys at their beck and call to serve them but not all like to live like this.

This is where Airbnb’s come into place. Airbnb’s are places which can be rented out by people while they are visiting certain places. These homes are fully loaded and people are allowed to cook and even wash their own clothes there. It is just like renting out a home. Now, who wouldn’t want such a homely environment while traveling to a place which you have no idea about. Thus to help you and make you feel at home here are the top Airbnb cottages in France which are bound to make your trip even better.


1) The Cabanon  –

If you are on the lookout for a place near the airport and not far away from the city then The Cabanon is the perfect place for you. The listing of this place on various sites may show it as a “Shed” but don’t get fooled by this as this beautiful little cottage is simply stunning. The cottage is set near an olive tree and as it was refurbished in 2015, thus it offers sturdy vacation and its beautiful surrounding is a perfect place to stay or even a getaway for any couple trying to find their “Us” time.

2) The Miollis Place House

Many people while traveling like to cook their own food rather than relying on hotel staff or nearby restaurants and if you are one of those people, then this place is perfect for you. The home has three stories with a beautiful view from the top and a large dining table inside making it just right for having an extravagant meal with family and friends, thus forming a stronger bond among all. The home is located near a museum and a farmer’s market making it fun for the whole family to pick out organic food and choose among the various things from there which they would like to eat at the feast.

Miollis Place House

3) The National Park Retreat

This place among all of those on this list is undoubtedly going to grab your attention at one glance. The National Park Retreat is a three bedroom home with an authentic rustic look, a large kitchen, a daytime arena and an even BBQ on its terrace. This home is merely 200m from the beach and a perfect stay for those who love water activities and strolls while looking at a beautiful view. The place even offers its visitors authentic and aged wine and cheese thus making the stay there undoubtedly unforgettable.

4) The Grand Mansion

The Grand Mansion just as the name suggests this place is grand in every single manner. This place is perfect for a family or a large group of people who want to stay away from the noise of the city and enjoy the holiday drinking wine on the terrace while overlooking a pine forest. The place has six massive bedrooms and the mansion is divided into two areas, thus assuring privacy as well as fun at the same time. It even has a beautiful swimming pool where you can simply relax forgetting all your worries of the world.

5) The Loft

Without a doubt, the loft is the perfect location to choose if you are a couple on the go or even friends who want affordable housing but with luxury. The duplex apartment is ideal for people who want to experience the authenticity of France as right below the loft is a bustling market where you can have fun shopping. As the loft is located three stories high, the place does offer privacy and peace at times and the view from it at night is simply breathtaking