The Top 3 spots for a Romantic Dinner in France


The Top 3 spots for a Romantic Dinner in France

If there is ever a place in the world which defines the word love and romance, then it’s undoubtedly France. Since the olden times, France has been the symbol of undying love and romance between people and most of the places in today’s world in France are based on the central theme of love. And this love isn’t restricted to only to couples, but also includes the love for the various delicacies that France has been, for decades, renowned for. Hence to help you get the most beautiful dining experience with your loved one here are the top 3 most romantic dinner spots in France.

1) Jules Verne

If you are looking for a romantic restaurant which can bring you and your significant other much more closer to each other, then Jules Verne is the best restaurant for you. The restaurant is located on the second story of the Eiffel tower and is always open for couples who simply want to get lost into the world of streamy lights and romance. This emblematic Persian restaurant is run by Alain Ducasse who stands among the top of the food chain of chefs and is really famous for surprising the visitors with a unique element to the menu dish & to delight their taste for food. The average price per person would range anywhere between €105 to €230. The best part about the restaurant is the view that it offers to its visitors whether it be noon or night, it’s a perfect location for a proposal or to pop any other form of good news.

2) La Grande Cascade

La Grande Cascade

If you are on the look for a dining place right out of a romantic novel or your favorite romantic movie, then undoubtedly La Grande Cascade would be perfect for you. The restaurant is located at the core of Boulogne wood and the beauty of it from outside can make anyone fall in love with it especially in the evenings. This Michelin-Starred restaurant was one among the ancient stops of Napoleon III and its decor still depicts the nineteenth century, to which the restaurant can be dated back. The head chef Fréderic Robert with his unique skills and exquisite taste for food never fails to deliver a beautiful and sophisticated dish to customers, making them add this to their list of unforgettable memories of their life.  If you are planning to visit this restaurant, then make sure to try out their novelty dishes like foie gras and black truffle, macaroni with celery root or the veal sweetbreads with half-salt butter. Well, if you have a plan in mind not to leave this restaurant without a spectacular end, then try their masterpiece sweet tooth dishes by the one and only Belgian pastry king Chef Nelson Lechien. The average price for a person at this restaurant would range between €130 to €160.

3) Pétrelle


If you are in the mood for some contemporary cuisine and want to surprise your partner with an unforgettable dining experience, then Pétrelle could be your best bet. This beautifully designed restaurant is located in the 9th district and is without a doubt the best restaurant among this list if you want to dine in royalty. The beautiful atmosphere, chandeliers, fringed lampshade, and a few other tiny details can make your eyes sparkle like you’re looking at a diamond. The restaurant has months in advance booking so make sure you call way in ahead to get yourself in and the estimated average price per person at this restaurant would be near €100. The food is exceptionally good, but the main reason to visit this restaurant is for its enchanting atmosphere and the experience it offers.